Marc Quinn Making Waves


A fascinating documentary about a year in the life of one of the UK’s most celebrated and controversial artists, Marc Quinn. Shot by Quinn’s longtime collaborator, Gerald Fox the film delves into the nature of creativity, art, inspiration, and fame and was selected for 2014 London Film Festival and released theatrically in 2015. Filmed all over the world, Making Waves takes the viewer on a roller coaster ride of Quinn’s hectic life as he travels from openings and exhibitions in New York, Hong Kong, Venice and Istanbul, meeting Ai Weiwei and Elton John, to studios and workshops where he conceives and creates his politically-charged and visually arresting work.

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May 23 2018


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October 16 2014

The way in which it has been filmed by Gerry Fox, means that it is constantly engaging and at times humorous that holds the audience’s attention...